What If You Don’t Have What It Takes to Win?

What if you don’t have what it takes to win? Sounds like the beginnings of some really bad self-talk. You know, that inner critic who’s always at the ready? Thankfully sometimes life hands you a moment just so you can open a can of whoop-ass on your inner critic.

I have my son Jackson to thank for my latest hearty dose of happy self-talk. This moment really defies description, so I asked his permission to share the photo.

My son is a wrestler, and he can’t seem to get through a match without a bloody nose. He’s just lucky that way. On this particular match, he not only had cotton up his nose, but his headgear slid over his eyes as well!

What if you don’t have what it takes to win, like a clear nostril to breathe or eyes to see your opponent? Can you win blindfolded and without one nostril? This kid was totally unfazed.

Guess what? He won his match. Yep. Negative self-talk be damned. I loved this moment, not only for him but for what we all should take away from his victory.

Author James Clear says, “Pay attention to how readily people talk themselves out of things—and be wary of adopting the same narrative. People will often try to convince you their limiting beliefs should become your own. They do not. Find your own ceiling.”

Find your own ceiling. You don’t need to see or breathe to know where it is, either.

Be positively altered,

Dr. Cindy

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