Welcome to My Road Trip

If you’re reading this message, this is your official welcome to my website and the first installment of the (Not-So) Daily Dose!

It’s incredibly exciting to begin this journey with you, and I’m touched that you’re along for the ride and reading on.

Typically, when you embark on a journey with someone, you know the destination and perhaps some side trips along the way. And by all means, let’s not forget the road snacks! But please, let’s not bring any of that junk in the convenience store aisles.

I’m talking about the plan-ahead and choose-wisely reinforcements, like fruit, nuts, Bobo’s bars, and turkey sandwiches on gluten-free bread. Okay, maybe some guilty pleasures like sour cream and onion potato chips every once in a blue moon, but that’s for another post when we cover food in depth (because I am a nutritionist, after all).

So, let’s talk destination. As you may have already learned, I’m releasing my new book, Positively Altered, this year. It marks the beginning of a new chapter in my life when I’ll be sharing more about a time when things became clearer and my purpose evolved into something broader. I’ll be talking about these discoveries on stage too.

Eight years ago, I diagnosed myself with Hodgkin’s-lymphoma and went through the whole mess of chemo treatment and all the disruption that it entails. My book, as you’ll soon read, is really about all I learned during my walk through cancer and less about the cancer itself. I discovered a better understanding of myself: that I’m a glass-more-than-half-full person and that I’m about digging deeper and coming out on the other end, having learned something for it.

Since I managed my own care, I had the energy to journal during that time, and much of that written record has given me a powerful glimpse at some aha moments. Have you ever looked back on an event and the distance gave you an objective lens? That’s what writing this book did for me.

Our destination for the (Not-So) Daily Dose will be to help you arrive at some of your own clarity, and I may even throw in some fun health-care tips along the way. My hope is that by sharing some of my own stories, you’ll see yourself in this journey and come to some helpful conclusions. So let’s get moving!

Are you calling shotgun, or am I?

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