“We get to choose how we approach our lives, how we react to what the universe throws at us.”

– Dr. Cindy

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Cindy has always been a fighter. Life has put her in the ring with some big opponents. You might say cancer was the toughest of the lot. She would say no way. Cindy came out swinging with a great attitude and learned that her dance with cancer was actually a great training exercise for life’s other challenges.

Blending her medical know-how and sharp wit, Cindy shares her insights and inspiration with a warmhearted delivery that audiences find authentic and entertaining.


Cindy’s keynote message

Dr. Cindy’s keynote is like a shot in the arm you’ve actually been waiting for. When she diagnosed herself with Hodgkin’s lymphoma, Cindy had the foresight to begin journaling during her walk through cancer.

While some of her entries give us a rare glimpse of her internal fight, many more reveal the daily life-affirming events and the bigger lessons. Decisions were easier, and what mattered became clearer.


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Cindy’s keynote message offers battle-tested insights about the clarity she gained from her journey. From sharing excerpts of her “51-Things List” and “Duplex Theory” to her “Two-Martini Accident,” every lesson is chock full of raw emotion that connects with audiences.


About Dr. Cindy

Dr. Cindy M. Howard won the parent lottery with an adoring mother and father who helped with school projects, Halloween costumes, and bad boyfriends and who had an outlook on life that fed Cindy’s quick wit.

She spent her youth at two opposite ends of the athletic spectrum: participating in professional dancing, thanks to hours of watching Solid Gold, and competitive powerlifting, winning titles in both bench press and dead lift. (Cindy’s gym was located in the middle of a cemetery. We’ll let you work out the irony between the dead-lift title and the gravestones.)

Today, Cindy excels as a board-certified chiropractic internist and nutritionist, running her own successful practice. She keeps a packed schedule, treating pediatric patients, professional athletes, and everyone in between with conditions ranging from fatigue to autoimmune disease.

Cindy diagnosed herself with Hodgkin’s lymphoma, and that soon became the test for what she has always believed: We get to choose how we approach our lives, how we react to what the universe throws at us. Her new book, Positively Altered, celebrates this belief system.

Cindy likes to test her humor at home with her kids. They like to say she’s “so not funny that it makes her funny,” which is confusing, because doesn’t that mean she is funny?

When Cindy’s not seeing patients or speaking onstage, she’s navigating life in the South Suburbs of Chicago with her boyfriend, Keith, and her three amazing kids.

If you’d like to experience some of your own daily inspiration, download Dr. Cindy’s “Daily Loves” gratitude journal to get you started.


“Dr. Howard is a double threat! When she’s presenting, she’ll not only deliver the most current, cutting edge information possible, but also do it in a way that is educational and engaging. I’ve had the privilege of speaking with Dr. Howard for years and love sharing a podium and her energy.”

Dr. Alan K. Sokoloff, DACBSP,
clinical director for the Yalich Clinic for Performance and Rehabilitation

“Dr. Cindy Howard is outstanding! She instills laughter and inspiration in every presentation. Her journey not only inspires you both personally and professionally, but she also engages audiences in opening their hearts and minds. Book Cindy for your next event if you want a message that motivates and resonates.”

Kristi Hudson, CPCO,
vice president of business relations, ChiroHealth USA

“As the past president of the Professional Football Chiropractic Society, I am part of a team that must select the best speakers in the country for our conferences who could educate, motivate, and entertain our attendees. Dr. Howard is at the top of that list.”

Dr. Alan K. Sokoloff,
sports team chiropractor for the NFL’s Baltimore Ravens and MLB’s Baltimore Orioles

“Dr. Howard is a world-class presenter who knows how to captivate and inspire an audience. Her passion for helping and healing people is present in every message she delivers. She has an incredible gift for informing, entertaining, and moving an audience to action, even with the most challenging of topics.”

– Paul Timko,
vice president of sales and marketing, Stopain Clinical

“Dr. Howard has the ability to take any audience on a journey that touches the heart and empowers the soul. I have witnessed how she connects with an audience of thousands as if she were speaking with somebody one-on one. Her humor and wit uplifts and inspires audiences. The world could benefit from listening—even for a few minutes—from this ever-inspiring, go-getting, loving doctor who provides hope for a world in desperate need. “

– Jen Porro, officer of conventions & program development

“Dr. Cindy Howard is one of the brightest minds in healthcare. Her experience in transforming the lives of her patients has enabled her to empower audiences through her truly remarkable and eloquent public speaking skills. She presents complex content in an easy to understand, actionable manner and her presentation style is nothing short of fun and entertaining. I highly recommend Dr. Howard to be on any stage, large or small, to inspire a healthier, happier world.”

– Dr. Jay Greenstein, founder and CEO of Kaizenovate

Cindy’s No Stranger to Wowing Audiences

For more than 15 years, Dr. Cindy has left a wake of smiles down the audience aisles. As a medical professional, she’s been on stage with plenty of doctors in the audience—tough crowd!

She’s spoken to tens of thousands of people—from intimate groups, where she’s facilitating discussions, to several thousand people at a time, when she’s featured in the “big show.” Either group size or somewhere in between is always where Cindy feels most alive.

“Though my cancer journey was what inspired me to begin journaling, that challenge isn’t the point of my life or this book. Cancer was just the test for something that I’ve always believed, which is that we get to choose how we approach our lives, how we react to what the universe throws at us. I want to unpack that learning moment with you.”

– Dr. Cindy

Dr. Cindy is available for speaking engagements, interviews, expert commentary, features, Q&As and select byline opportunities.

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