“Adversity is just a test for what you've always believed.”

–Dr. Cindy

How Do You Find Happiness—and Sex—In the Rarest of Places?

According to research, two in five of us find it too awkward to talk to our partners about sex, so I love to normalize the conversation from the stage. It’s a great start to encouraging more healthy one-on-one interactions at home. As a doctor, I love to talk about sex with my audiences because people […]

Positivity Is Great, But How Do You Get There?

People always ask me how I was able to stay positive during my walk through cancer. It’s a question I would ask especially if I hadn’t gone through it myself. We all have setbacks—some huge and others insignificant–but knowing what you’re made of when the chips are down is a question some of us haven’t […]

What If You Don’t Have What It Takes to Win?

What if you don’t have what it takes to win? Sounds like the beginnings of some really bad self-talk. You know, that inner critic who’s always at the ready? Thankfully sometimes life hands you a moment just so you can open a can of whoop-ass on your inner critic. I have my son Jackson to […]

Let’s Call Valentine’s Day What It Really Is…

“If you want a recipe for unhappiness, spend your time accumulating a lot of money and let your health and relationships deteriorate,” said Atomic Habits author James Clear. It’s a fitting reminder as we head toward Valentine’s Day because our health and relationships should always take the front seat in our lives. Though the history […]

3 Ways to Win the Battle with Expectations

Umpteen years ago, right about this time of year, I was brimming with possibilities and enthusiasm. I was a December graduate, and I couldn’t wait to get my life started. It was as if January unfolded just. for. me. (I know, so young and naïve.) Only a few years ago, graduation was tough for a […]

Could the New Year Mean a New You?

What’s your favorite day of the year? My favorite day used to be January 2 because that meant the holidays were over and I could get back to my life. But I’ve said lots of things over the years. Things I think sound funny or smart. Sometimes they were one or the other or both. […]

How Old Are You…In Your Mind?

Have you ever thought about getting older? I have. I’ve always said I want to live until I’m 112. Not sure why I got that specific, but there it is. Here’s an excerpt from my journal about it in 2013: There is a one-woman show in this, somewhere. I will create it every day until […]

Casserole Boycotts, Apology-Free Menus, and Leftover Parties

Thanksgiving always conjures up memories of family time. Whether your family members are the friends you choose to surround yourself with or the relatives of your own making, this time of year is a bit wistful for me since my mom passed the week before Thanksgiving. My mom was the consummate Thanksgiving host. She loved […]

Make 3 Statements to Start Believing in What’s Possible

Halloween is, by far, my favorite holiday of the year. My mother used to throw the best Halloween parties for us as kids, and she would always dress up. I’m not talking some last-minute getup either. We’re talking full-on face paint. Even when we were grown up and out of the house, my mother would […]

Take Three Steps to Living Longer and Happier

I’m a Mark Twain fan. This picture was taken of me with his statue before I was a published author. Now that Positively Altered is in online bookshelves everywhere, I have an even greater respect for his sense of wisdom and humor about everyday life. If Twain had earned royalties for every time he was […]

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