“Adversity is just a test for what you’ve always believed.”

– Dr. Cindy

Welcome to Dr. Cindy’s (Not-So) Daily Dose.

Welcome to my (Not-So) Daily Dose! This is where you’ll find the unvarnished opinions and insights that carry on from the last page of my book. One book can’t possibly cover it all, so buckle up. I hope you find inspiration and some positively sticky ideas to adapt. I look forward to connecting with you and sharing my stories. Happy reading.

Latest from Cindy’s journal

How Do You Find Happiness—and Sex—In the Rarest of Places?

According to research, two in five of us find it too awkward to talk to our partners about sex, so I love to normalize the conversation from the stage. It’s a great start to encouraging more healthy one-on-one interactions at home. As a doctor, I love to talk about sex with my audiences because people […]

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