“Adversity is just a test for what you’ve always believed.”

– Dr. Cindy

Welcome to Dr. Cindy’s (Not-So) Daily Dose.

Welcome to my (Not-So) Daily Dose! This is where you’ll find the unvarnished opinions and insights that carry on from the last page of my book. One book can’t possibly cover it all, so buckle up. I hope you find inspiration and some positively sticky ideas to adapt. I look forward to connecting with you and sharing my stories. Happy reading.

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Casserole Boycotts, Apology-Free Menus, and Leftover Parties

Thanksgiving always conjures up memories of family time. Whether your family members are the friends you choose to surround yourself with or the relatives of your own making, this time of year is a bit wistful for me since my mom passed the week before Thanksgiving. My mom was the consummate Thanksgiving host. She loved […]

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