“Let’s use those tough times as our personal training ground. Let’s flex our resilience muscles and emerge as a turbocharged version of ourselves.”

–Dr. Cindy


You’re invited to explore Dr. Cindy’s conversations with the media and articles she’s written about her unapologetic approach to life and to everything in between. You’ll enjoy her unvarnished and insightful blend of inspiration that’s influenced by her medical training yet always tempered by a good sense of humor.


Embracing Adversity: A Journey Towards Resilience

Behaviorial Corner

In this episode of the Behavioral Corner, host Steve Martorano brings us an engaging discussion on adversity with our special guest, Dr. Cindy Howard, a board-certified chiropractic internist and nutritionist. Sharing her remarkable journey of overcoming Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, Dr. Cindy explains how adversity, instead of merely being faced, can be embraced. They delve into the idea that your response to life’s adversities can define your journey, drawing from Dr. Cindy’s personal experiences.

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