“Let’s use those tough times as our personal training ground. Let’s flex our resilience muscles and emerge as a turbocharged version of ourselves.”

–Dr. Cindy


You’re invited to explore Dr. Cindy’s conversations with the media and articles she’s written about her unapologetic approach to life and to everything in between. You’ll enjoy her unvarnished and insightful blend of inspiration that’s influenced by her medical training yet always tempered by a good sense of humor.


What You Need to Know About Acid Reflux

Afternoon Live in Portland (KATU-ABC)

Dr. Cindy joins KATU in Portland for Afternoon Live to share what you need to know about reflux, the symptoms, and how to manage it.

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How to stay POSITIVE when life “Sucks”

Inspired with Allison Marketti

In this episode, the inspiring, Dr Cindy Howard openly shares her journey through cancer, motherhood, her practice and the positive lessons she learned along the way. This is a masterclass on positivity & mindset that you don’t want to miss. We discuss her #1 bedtime ROUTINE, midlife FRIENDSHIP, how to deal with hard things, how to STOP apologizing for who you are, health, nutrition and more. I learned SO much in this episode and think you will too. If you enjoy it please share it with a friend!

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The Holistic Monitor

Dr. Cindy appeared on The Holistic Monitor for an insightful discussion on holistic health, emotional well-being, and her new book, Positively Altered.

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Dr. Cindy’s guest post on the “When Women Inspire” blog focuses on how to empower yourself through decision-making.

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Dr. Cindy is available for speaking engagements, interviews, expert commentary, features, Q&As and select byline opportunities.

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