“Let’s use those tough times as our personal training ground. Let’s flex our resilience muscles and emerge as a turbocharged version of ourselves.”

–Dr. Cindy


You’re invited to explore Dr. Cindy’s conversations with the media and articles she’s written about her unapologetic approach to life and to everything in between. You’ll enjoy her unvarnished and insightful blend of inspiration that’s influenced by her medical training yet always tempered by a good sense of humor.


Heart Soul Wisdom Podcast

Heart Soul Wisdom

Join Heart Soul Wisdom host Moira Sutton and me for an exploration of overcoming challenges with humor. We kick off with my self-diagnosis of Hodgkin’s lymphoma and whether using humor in the face of adversity was innate or something I practiced.

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Dr. Cindy on The Modern Idiot podcast

The Modern Idiot podcast

Dr. Cindy Howard joins your favorite modern idiots Luke and Jack for an incredible discussion on topics like: dietary health, sexual health, and her new book Positively Altered: Finding Happiness at the Bottom of a Chemo Bag.

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I was in between seeing my own patients when I found out that I had cancer. It is an odd predicament when you’re a doctor reading the results of your own computed tomography (CT) scan.

When I learned that the test results would be coming that morning, I wanted to know right away so that I wouldn’t obsess over the unknown all day. But when I read them, I had about 30 seconds to process the results. Then I thought, “Oh no. There’s a patient in the other room who needs my attention. I just learned I have cancer, but this moment can’t be all about me.”

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Dr. Cindy on the Adjusted Reality podcast

Adjusted Reality podcast

Dr. Cindy breaks down the concept of false barriers, explores the role of lists, and opens up about her incredible journey and the keys to maintaining a positive outlook on life…

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Dr. Cindy is available for speaking engagements, interviews, expert commentary, features, Q&As and select byline opportunities.

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