Make 3 Statements to Start Believing in What’s Possible

Halloween is, by far, my favorite holiday of the year. My mother used to throw the best Halloween parties for us as kids, and she would always dress up. I’m not talking some last-minute getup either. We’re talking full-on face paint.

Even when we were grown up and out of the house, my mother would put on makeup and get in full costume every year for Halloween. This year, I’m going to be a giraffe at the office.

Because this post will land in your inbox before Halloween, I’ve enclosed pictures from last year when three of us at work dressed as Thing 1, Thing 2, and Boss of All Things. I know my mom would appreciate me also sharing some of her terrific face painting from one of her prior Halloweens. (Yes, this scary rainbow face was my beautiful mother!)

Comedian Rita Rudner once said, “Halloween was confusing. All my life my parents said, ‘Never take candy from strangers.’ And then they dressed me up and said, ‘Go beg for it.’”

Rudner was once a dancer on Broadway. She noticed a lack of female comedians in New York City and turned to stand-up comedy, where she flourished for three decades.

I love Rudner’s story because I like to think I’m addressing a need in the medical field and bringing humor to the world of wellness. My audiences, which typically are composed of doctors and practice owners, tell me that I make health topics fun, which is incredibly rewarding. Learning should be fun…and funny!

What’s more, I know that patients often approach their medical appointments with trepidation, wondering what bad news waits for them. Instead, I try to put them at ease with my sense of humor while empowering them with information so they can make choices that suit them personally, not decisions that meet perceived expectations from others.

One of the tenets in my keynote is about this idea of pursuing knowledge so you can make powerful choices and explore possibilities. It’s not until we’ve assembled our team made up of friends, allies, and medical professionals that we can take on big decisions. Trust me, walking through cancer put this idea to the test.

We need people in our corner who are supporting us, not directing us. Don’t wait until you’re in the middle of a big decision to decide who’s on your team. Do it now.

One of the reasons I think children love Halloween so much is that it allows them to explore possibilities. They can ask themselves, “What would it be like if I was this character or thing? What would it feel like to be scary, or powerful, or a hero? There’s no rule book that says we can’t explore our possibilities as adults, and we don’t need Halloween to do it.

For years, I wanted to be a dancer on Broadway like Rudner. Instead, my journey took me into the field of medicine and now onto a stage of a different kind where people want to hear about my approach to life, my advice about wellness, and my walk through cancer.

What did you imagine you would be when you became an “adult”? Few of us end up as astronauts, prima ballerinas, or president of the United States like we planned. But that’s okay; life is about never quitting on yourself and imagining the possibilities.

In the spirit of Halloween and imagining what’s possible, I’d love for you to make three “I am” statements right now about yourself that you could practice every day. If you practice saying them often enough, you might start believing them. Words have power, and our brains respond to positive self-talk. What might your three statements be? Write them down and post them somewhere prominently as a reminder.

Now buy some candy and get ready to answer your door. Celebrate with your trick-or-treaters this year and start believing in possibilities.

Be positively altered,

Dr. Cindy

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