“We should be honest about who we are, but also that we can choose what we believe about ourselves.”

–Dr. Cindy

Thirty-four stories, three postscripts, and one BIG message:

Positively Altered is a call to action for every one of us to unapologetically live and love our own way no matter what challenges life brings.

Positively Altered is about how to find happiness in the rarest of places—for starters, at the bottom of a chemo bag. In a collection of raw, in-the-moment stories that come to life with self-deprecating humor and a hearty dose of reality, Cindy doesn’t sugarcoat her journey any more than she bemoans her fate.

A roller coaster of both laugh-out-loud and tender moments about love, parenthood, friendship, and cancer, Cindy’s message packs a punch and delivers an honest look at life and how adversity can positively alter it.

From her “Fifty-One Things” list and duplex theory to her “Two-Martini Accident,” Cindy’s stories will be that nudge you’ve needed to see things more clearly and settle more confidently into the superhero that’s you. So grab your cape and join Cindy on page 1 . . . or page 67 if you’re in a hurry.

“Cindy Howard’s story is a lively and engaging read, raw, honest, and often hilarious. You’ll have moments where you go ‘Ow!!!’ or ‘Eeeww…’ or ‘Seriously, you did what?!’ It’s a vital read for anyone who wants to harness self-awareness and do life their own way.”

Edith Forbes

Author of Alma Rose, Nowle’s Passing, and Tracking a Shadow: My Lived Experiment with MS

“You’ll be drawn in by Dr. Howard’s breezy banter, positive outlook, and unabashed honesty. With asides galore, Positively Altered is like sitting down with your best girlfriend and dishing on some of life’s most difficult challenges—cancer, divorce, and child-rearing.”

Renee Harmon, MD

Author of Surfing the Waves of Alzheimer’s

“Do yourself a favor: don’t drink any liquids while reading this memoir or you might find them coming out your nose! Cindy’s hilarious delivery will challenge you to think differently about your own life and any adversity you’re facing.”

Joey Coleman

Award-winning keynote speaker and author of Never Lose an Employee Again and Never Lose a Customer Again

“I was inspired by Dr. Cindy’s honesty and how she takes a position on what matters while respecting (and encouraging) readers to make their own choices in life. Required reading for everyone!”

Paul Timko

Vice President of Sales, Stopain Clinical

“I laughed…I cried…now I need the t-shirt. Cindy’s storytelling in Positively Altered had me captivated to the hilarious end.”

Victoria Lanigan


“Couldn’t put this one down; it made me laugh, and it made me cry. Your story is a wonderful example of how to smile in the face of adversity, to say “Try me!” instead of “Why me?” and to have the faith to stay “in spirit” through the toughest of times. It reminds me of what NFL analyst and Hall of Famer Michael Irvin once said: “I did not send David to slay Goliath; I sent Goliath to prove to David that what resides in him is a giant slayer!” Cindy, you are David and have slayed Goliath!”

Bill Storm

Corporate trainer, international speaker, Tony Robbins Companies

“Reading Cindy’s new book is like being strapped to a rocket; time flies on the journey, and you’re sorry when it’s over.”

Dr. Jay Greenstein

Founder and CEO of Kaizenovate

“This book has thigh-slapping humor, deep insight, practicality and solid education for the reader. Each chapter, whether naughty, funny, or profound is a resounding call to audaciously choose life and be present in every moment; even if those moments happen to suck.”

Wendy Branchfield

Inside-Out-Training EFT practitioner, holistic wellness coach, and playwright

“Cindy is the perfect person to write a book about making room for what’s important in your life. When you leave a conversation with her, you can’t help but feel inspired to move the needle a little further in a positive direction. With innate caring, confidence, and an unapologetic drive, Cindy brings out the best in all of us. She shows up on each page of her book with vulnerability and empathy for the challenges we face.”

Stephanie Halloran


Dr. Cindy is available for speaking engagements, interviews, expert commentary, features, Q&As and select byline opportunities.

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